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High School Sports Cuts Can Hurt Athletes and their Opponents.

Can playing sports really help dropout rates? According to NJ.com a cut in the sports aspect of school could cause more kids to drop out of high school. What the article says is that kids would have more free time on their hands, leaving them to potentially fall to the dangers of the streets. Even companies like KKOS (Keeping Kids Off the Streets) believe that athletics can help kids by shaping their lives in a positive way.  Some high school kids have to look elsewhere to find sports to play, which has caused the creation of many local boxing clubs. The clubs provide a place for kids to go who don’t have a high school sport to play or couldn’t make a team. If budget cuts cause less sports, then that means less spots for kids to occupy, thus fewer student athletes. Although some of these clubs provide a place for kids to go, some of them may not provide the academic standards that a high school team would have, which could lead to decline in the classroom.

Beyond just how cutting programs can affect the kids directly playing for those teams, it also can affect the kids who they play against and their teams. When a school decides to cut a sports program, another school that planned on playing that team the upcoming season has to work to get another opponent, and in some cases may need to move to another division with more teams. Schools can cut out sometimes as many as eight of their sports teams to coincide with a reduction in funding for the teams that remain afterwards.  Continuing cuts in schools could lead to more protests in high schools as students and parents become frustrated.

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Cheshire High School Athletics Thrives

One of the models of what a school’s athletic fields should look like as well as one of the models for a stable sports program, Cheshire High has a great set-up for its athletes. A set up that Athletic Director Steve Trifone loves and still thinks can be improved.

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Could a Cut of Sports Affect Males More?

Would a cut of high school sports programs affect males more than females? As it stands males already have a much lower graduation rate than females. There are  more males participating in sports programs than females, and if those programs were to be cut a dropout rate could increase among males.

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The Sounds of Sport

High school sports are not only good for kids physically but also mentally. Sports give kids the chance to bond with friends, develop their social interaction skills, and learn to deal with success and disappointment. The socialization that sports can give will help a kid make friends and form good childhood memories.  Every kid knows the sounds of sports.  The crack of a bat, and the thud of a tennis serve.  The beauty and sound of sports can sometimes be forgotten in the arguing over their importance. Sports are more than statistics, wins, and loses, they are a way for kids to stay active and grow up healthy.

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