The Cost of Being an Athlete

The cost of playing sports is rising for the students and their parents as schools try to find ways to lessen the burden on themselves. One option, ‘pay to play’ is becoming increasingly popular amoung high schools with budget issues and it could be hurting the sports value as some kids decide to save money and not play. Basically pay to play is a fee that is required of the athlete to play the sport. This fee can be anywhere from $20-$250 and is given to the school before the start of a season. Although this could be a better option than cutting the programs all together, it does put a strain on the athlete to come up with money if their parents won’t pay for it. The cost of not playing a sport due to money could have a negative effect on a kids high school life as a whole.

The second way kids ‘pay to play’ is with their bodies.  High School athletes are probably never considering the risks that come with playing sports but those risks can be greater than thought. Concussions are one of the most talked about subjects among sports circles today, and if not treated with caution they can result in serious problems. Football players are at a higher risk than other sports but it remains a problem across the board.  Overuse injuries are common among kids who play sports year round and include some of the most common sports injuries such as shin splints, sprained ankles, and back problems. Overuse injuries are actual on the rise and might be a supporting argument for why kids need less sports. While overuse injuries can mostly just need to be rested, some of them could result in life long injuries.

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