It All Adds Up

High school sports teams sometimes charge the players who make the team as much as 100 dollars whats known as an equipment fee. On a baseball team that means around 2,500 dollars for that program comes from the players and for a football team that could be as much at 5,o00 dollars.  Those number reflect only the varsity programs, if the school were to carry a freshman team and a J.V. team, the number could double.  Yet despite those numbers, many a school has decided to cut athletics from their budget in order to save money. So if a school is pulling in thousands of dollars in fees from its athletes and yet the athletes are still responsible for purchasing gloves, bats, shoulder pads etc. Where does all the money go? That is the burning question that needs to be answered for any parent who has paid for equipment and any kid who couldn’t play the sport they loved any more because of budget cuts.

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